Notice: FLCLASS Interlocal Agreement

At its regularly scheduled Board Meeting held on March 4, 2021, the FLCLASS Board of Trustees approved several amendments to the FLCLASS Interlocal Agreement.

The primary amendments to the Interlocal Agreement are as follows:

  • Additions to Section 3.2 General Powers of the Board authorizing the creation of different portfolios for the benefit of FLCLASS Participants
  • Changes to Exhibit C Valuation Procedures clarifying the daily valuation processes used by the FLCLASS Administrator

Section 10.1 (b) states that any amendments made to the Interlocal Agreement shall be effective thirty (30) days after notice is delivered to existing Participants setting forth such amendment(s). The Amended and Restated FLCLASS Interlocal Agreement will go into effect on May 1, 2021. To obtain a redlined copy of the Interlocal Agreement, please click the button below.

FLCLASS Interlocal Agreement (Redlined)

Should you have any questions about these amendments, please feel free to contact us.