The Florida Cooperative Liquid Assets Securities System (“FLCLASS”) is an independent local government investment pool designed to provide a safe and competitive investment alternative to Florida governmental entities. FLCLASS is open to all political subdivisions, instrumentalities of political subdivisions and State agencies in the State of Florida, including; counties, cities, towns, villages, school districts, special districts and other public entities. The management of FLCLASS will be under the direction of an appointed Board of Trustees comprised of eligible Participants of the FLCLASS program. 

The primary investment objectives of FLCLASS in order of priority are:

SAFETY: FLCLASS will minimize risks by managing the portfolio in a manner which emphasizes the preservation of principal while maintaining a stable net asset value.

LIQUIDITY: FLCLASS provides daily liquidity to Participants of the program. Portfolio maturity and duration parameters are established to provide for the liquidity needs of the Participants.

TRANSPARENCY: FLCLASS will ensure transparency by allowing Participants to efficiently obtain portfolio and account information and will offer dedicated client service support with an easy to use technology platform.

COMPETITIVE RETURNS: FLCLASS’s goal is to provide competitive returns for its Participants while adhering to the primary objectives of Safety and Liquidity. The FLCLASS investment policy and guidelines establish the policies, procedures, and strategies to assure that these objectives are met.

FLCLASS is proud to announce that it has been rated 'AAAm' by Standard and Poor's Ratings Services. The 'AAAm' principal stability fund rating is the highest assigned to principal stability government investment pools and is a direct reflection of FLCLASS's outstanding credit quality and management.

The Board of Trustees has appointed Public Trust Advisors, LLC, to serve as the Investment Advisor and Administrator of the Program, and has appointed Wells Fargo Bank N.A. as the Custodian.